Girls, My ex is a nurse so she works at nursing home.. she had posted a picture of patient report no name but it said ultrasonography on it?

The thing is she had it up for a few mins then took it down the address on the paper was the nursing home address where she works so it could easily been one of the patients getting checked but you think she put it up as a joke to get my attention


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  • So I don't know if you live in the United States, but if you do and if that is a pic of a patient, very serious privacy laws have been violated. It is a felony to post a pic like that... If it indeed is a patient, she has a MUCH bigger problem then you could imagine...

  • I don't get how this could have anything to do with you... why would she want you to think she is pregnant?

    Maybe she really IS pregnant?

    None of your business anyway, unless she is your ex since only a couple of weeks...


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