Update on me and ex... What does this mean?

Soo well I mean I've left him alone entirely I do still think of him but I mean I've actually healed myself. I'M doing better but the other day I asked him if he was mad at me still from what I did bout the girl n he said no. Then I asked him why can't he unblock me n he shrugged his shoulders and said it has to be that way? What does he mean by that? Confused yet have an idea of what he might mean. I still like him but I lost those hard hard feelings for him after everything that happened. Other than that things have cooled off between us and we're just back to normal I guess like a regular ex or break up should be n just ignoring each other however he saw me in hallway in school today and everytime he looked at me he looked pissed or like omfg but I looked away. Why does he do that as well? Some Guys are confusing lol.
Today he looked at me and didn't look away o. o


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  • Maybe his girlfriend told him to block you

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend he doesn't want a relationship right now. He broke up with me bc he didn't wanna be in relationship no more n missed the single life i highly doubt it was bc of a girl or girlfriend bc I feel like he still likes me deep inside and too hurt to apologize or anything so he just taking it out by just acting distant

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    • Yea he began flirting with a girl but when i confronted her about it, it was all a lie. Everyday I always think like when walking to class like he's meeting another girl in hallway up but he's always in his class before the bell rings and everything he was doing like the flirtin n stuff was all a lie and she even said she would confront him bc she never messed with him or anything n that when he did tried i flirt and stuff she shut him down quick bc she had a bf n wouldn't do anything to ruin that. But I don't know I haven't seen or heard him talking to another girl yet.

    • Like he didn't like her he just did it to be spiteful and make me mad and jealous. So he blaming everything on me so I left him alone as he wished n he texted me yesterday and was like asking me questions of what I was doing after school and was like anxious bc i ignored them and he kept saying hello.

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