Told my ex if he would give me a second chance he said no is he has a gf now but yet he still likes my insta pics what does this mean?

I feel like deep down he still likes me but he has been with her for over a year I broke up with him is he thinking about what I asked him giving me a second chance?


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  • His behavior on social media is meaningless in terms of figuring out how he feels about you. When you asked him point blank for a second chance and he said no, that's what he meant. There was no hidden meaning behind it. It's over; he has moved on.

    • But he never likes any selfies i take and just recently I dyed my hair and posted a picture of me and my new hair and he liked it he has yet to like any pictures that involve my face but he liked this particular one and is constantly liking my pics after I asked him in Person if he would give me another chance which he hardly ever did

    • And that's why I was wondering if not I wouldn't ask

    • You're rationalizing and projecting. Just because he likes your photos on social media doesn't mean he wants to rekindle the relationship, especially if he has a gf.

      Rationalizing = reading more into his behavior than what's actually there.
      Projecting = assuming that if you have feelings for him, he must also have feelings for you.

      If he really wanted to rekindle the relationship, he would have said "yes" when you asked for a second chance. He didn't do that; he said "no." Based on what you wrote, it has been at least a year since you ended the relationship; the best thing you can do is let him go and move on.

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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up, lilu19793, and that it is Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in your own softie spot, even though he has a newbie on his arm now, doesn't mean he Can't------Still like my insta pics.
    He may be still Missing some of the past Kissing and the history with you. It's normal, natural when two people split like this banana. However, you both had your differences and may not have worked well like oil and vinegar and with this 'Gf' now, he may have a lot more in common with the chemistry with her, but still... find a smile and a special place in his own heart for you.
    It's not to say you both cannot be friends. It happens all the time that when a couple falls apart, sometimes they come back together, if even for friends and stay... friends till the end.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think deep down you are the only one who still like him... He has moved on for sure... you should too..

    Why did you breakup?

    • Because I friend zoned him after a couple of date and asking me to be his gf and I said yes and also I was interested in someone else

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    • Your right karma

    • Yup it's karma..

  • He gave you his answer, no he is with someone else atm.. I don't think there was any hidden message in that


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  • If he doesn't wanna get back with u it doesn't mean he doesn't wanna remain friends. And what rule says that if a guy has a gf he isn't supposed to have girls on Inta, like their pics, have female friends in real life.. etc?
    Give the guys a break... let them have a normal life with freedom!

  • Liking your pics on social media doesn't mean anything he just wants to have good terms with you. You broke up with him he's moved on.


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