Should I bother contacting someone again after a break up or should I just let it go?

I really feel a lot for this guy, but he stopped replying weeks ago. If I try again will it make me look pathetic or should I give it one last go?
Tie breaker gets Mho. 😊
Help me out I still can't figure out what to do.


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  • I never understand this obsession with men or women about this dreaded "looking pathetic" or "looking desperate". If your really worried about that then you are pathetic or desperate or whatever you want to put in there.
    When it comes to finding the person you want to be with, if you truly want to be with that person you do everything you can possibly do. If that doesn't work, you do even more and try everything again. You never stop trying until you are sure you have exhausted every possible option.
    Never look back and regret loosing the person you loved or wanted most. If they are who you are supposed to be with then you will never look negative in their eyes.

    • That is very sound advice. Thank you.

    • While I might not follow this advice, it's still really good advice! :-)

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  • You say he tried setting you up with his friend, that might be a subtle hint his interest level is not huge... It does no harm having a go though, you might get a response you like, maybe not.. peoples opinions change with time too

    • That makes sense.

    • Or maybe it doesn't, he's not the typical guy.

  • I suppose you could give it one last go. Otherwise, let it go. It sounds to me like an online romance. Have you even met each other in person?

    • No, we had something of a history together. We just dont communicate very well. So I don't know how to interpret or respond to his silence.

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    • Oh, okay. Then I'd move on.

    • Good idea, thanks!

  • Let it go and move on you'll find someone better.
    If you wanna talk message have a nice day


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  • Just let it go... if he really wants to bein contact with you, he will find a way out.

    • Very insightful. Thank you.

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