Small town problems?

I live in a small town and my ex grew up here so he pretty much knows everyone here. We were working on things to get back together but yesterday he didn't respond to any of my messages. Today i gave him a call and he said that he has been told/hearing things about me. It pisses me off because 1.) I haven't done anything for anyone to be saying things and 2.) I already know that he is going to believe the things that people are telling him whatever they are. How can I deal with this whole thing? I will admit that I did talk to other guys after my ex and I broke up but that's yo the extent of things. Still, I believe it isn't any of his business since we weren't together. Opinions?


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  • If you were broke up and had relations with some other guys, he should be able to get past that.

    It is not likely he probably sat idly by and did nothing!

    • Exactly! He told me he hooked up with other girls, talked to other girls and such. I believe even though I was talking to other people it isn't any of his business because 1.) we weren't together and 2.) we were not even close to talking again. He is the type to double standard though. We got into a debate because during our relationship I had talked to some guy I had a thing with strictly as friends and he pretty much broke up with me over that, then I told him that he was talking to his ex Becca even as a friend while we were together but I never made a big deal of it because there was nothing more than a platonic comversation going on! In that debate I also brought up the fact that after we broke up I found out that he has slept with this guys girlfriend two years ago, he said that's irrelevant because he wasn't in a relationship with anyone at the time even though he wrecked someone else's relationship. He still didn't see anything wrong! Am I crazy here?

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    • Sucks because he was my first love and I feel like that is why I can not let go. I need to. You are so right! There was no freedom when him and I were together.

    • There is nothing wrong with leaving your first love... it just means your meant to find your true love the next time or the time after that.

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