My old crush and neighbor?

A guy just move next door and i started liking him and he likes me too so he asked for my kik. I just realized that i really never liked him but he still likes me and he texts me almost everyday and i dont want to tell him directly so is there anyway i could tell him indirectly. He will be going to my school so i can't really avoid him. Was i wrong for telling him i liked him? His little brother and mine are friends.


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  • I mean yeah its wrong to tell him something you didn't actually mean. What made you come to this realization?

    • When we were textin i realized there was no connection

    • Did you actually spend any time with him? Or was this just a texting relationship?

    • It was really just texting but i would see him outside sometimes and we'd talk but motly text

  • Wow just tell him you dont like his body anymore

    • Umm ok but thats harsh

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    • Do it before its too late

    • Ok i will thanks

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  • That's a tough one, well you can always use the excuse of "I don't date neighbors, too close to home"