Why is my ex being this way?

So it ended in October, since then he's had two other girlfriends, both rebounds. The other week while out in town I saw him, we messed about he even slow danced with me & tried getting my attention. At the end of the night he messaged me to make sure I got home okay which was weird.

Now ow today he messages me congratulating me on getting into uni, thing is I posted about it 3 days ago on twitter so he would have needed to be stalking me to have seen it. Why is he acting like this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • His two relationships were just what you said, rebounds and he obviously still has feelings for you.

    I'm all about being friends with an ex, but I have to give myself definite time and distance to completely rid myself of all romantic feelings before I could actually be genuine friends and nothing else.

    If you don't mind him contacting you, then fine, but if you are really ready to move on, then I'd try your best to avoid contact so as not to lead him on.


What Girls Said 1

  • He wants you back probably. Just ignore it if you don't feel the same.


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