Does she still have feelings for me?

we were together for 2 years, and we split about 2 years ago.

We had an amazing relationship and argued only once, and that was about the break up. Things started to go wrong when she moved away to go to university, and for a while, we didn't talk. things were still ok between us, but we decided it was best to have no contact.

I now see her about once a month for dinner/drinks, we talk every other week for hours on Skype and are always texting each other. we talk about all sorts and she tells me about dreams she has had of me. sometimes they involve sex, even though we've not had sex since we split.

Anyway, we were texting last night and I asked her what she was doing. She was watching a documentary, so I told her that it reminded me of when we used to get a bottle of wine and have a night in watching discovery channel. Anyway, she text back saying "yeah I miss that. wine, documentaries and cuddles".

My question is, does she mean she misses it in general, or that she misses it with me?

we're going out for dinner this Saturday, and im really debating whether or not to make a move. I still love her, I always have and as cheesy as this sounds, I'd rather have her as my friend than ruin it by making a move because im reading the signals wrong.

I really need some advice here.
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  • You've been friend zoned. badly!
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What Girls Said 1

  • Its possible. You would have to ask her to really find out.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm sure if you're talking to her this frequently she's over whatever happened.

    • nothing actually happened, it was just bad circumstances. my dilemma is if she still has feelings for me after all this time, or if she just sees me as a good friend.

    • Yeah, but based on everything you said it sounds a little more than just "friendly", you should make a move.

    • thanks. I do get the feeling she is being more than friendly. Hopefully a few girls will give their opinion.

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