Guys, how do you give a man space?

The current status of my 4 year relationship is complicated. My boyfriend and I haven't been getting along in months. We are currently broken up but its "temporary". However all my boyfriend wants is for me to give him space so that the drama can die down. But I'm very pissed off and emotional about the way things are going. I just don't want to lose my man. So guys how do I respect my man's wishes and just give him space. I know I'm overthinking things but as of right now I don't feel that my relationship will survive if I stop trying to fix it. My idea of fixing things is not to act like things didn't happen. I really need a man's advice!!!


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  • When I reflect, the thing that made my 2 years together with my ex is that we completely trust one another. We both knew better than to keep things inside and let them stir up and then explode like a coca-cola bottle after it's been shaken.
    I can't relate to this "space" demand. To me it only sounds like there's plenty to talk about but one or the other is afraid. The drama isn't going to die down if you just force yourself to believe none of it ever happened. It's just going to lie dormant and then you might get a long well for a month or two, at best, aaaand deja vu.
    I'm surprised he wouldn't understand this.
    If you ask my opinion, there is something else going on with him. Something that's not necessarely about your relationship, but bugging him.

    You can't stay passive. Given your current circumstance, your relationship can only get better. You do have a lot to lose, but if you keep passive you lose automatically.

    • Finally someone who understands where I'm coming from. I'm not passive. I can be very blunt and abrasive when I'm upset... but I realize I can't act like that because there is probably way deeper going on. He was going to propose but we ended up taking the ring back bc the salesman pressured us into a purchase. I don't think he was ready to get married and I think that he just thought that was the next step. It's hard to be patient when you don't know what's going on

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  • Trust him, don't call or text him 40 times a day and respect his privacy ( don't check his text messages or facebook account etc. )... not anything less not anything more

    • I don't go through his phone or FB never did. I don't call him back to back unless it's an emergency or I'm extremely pissed off. Trusting someone isn't exactly easy. But I'm starting to trust him if that makes sense

  • try 2 not text him that often maybe?

    • That's what I'm trying to do it's just not working we have a kid so I have to talk to him.

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