Is there any hope for a relationship with my Ex?

I talk to my Ex everyday it even feels like we're together. We have sex from time to time. When ever he doesn't like something I say or do he ignores me. But he never completely cuts me off. He says he doesn't care if I date someone else. But the moment I try to date he gets mad! This weekend I got drunk and told him I love him he said I love you too. Any advice on getting him back?


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  • My advice is to nip it. I know, that's not easy and sounds harsh, but as long as you are with him and it's not the same full blown relationship you used to have, you are not going to be able to meet someone new you are more compatible with.

    I know because I let a girl I broke up with hang around me for nearly 2 years after I broke it off. Yes, the sex was great and the convenience of having someone to physically interact with was nice, but she was still very much in love with me, while I liked her, but had the take it or leave it mentality. That was not fair to her, and it did me no favors, either, as I would also find myself jealous when she talked of other guys wanting to date her.

    You two broke up for a reason, and now he's just using you for sex, since he does what he wants and then uses something you say as an excuse to go be a dick.

    Just dump his ass and move on. You deserve better than that.


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't meant they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye forever, my love. And with Two "EX" who still Mark an X in one another's hearts, there is motive in mind in each other's Mind when one wants something more than the other.
    In most cases it is usually the male who wants no strings attached after a split. He may be Missing the Kissing and the history you both shared, but doesn't want Exactly to be "The way we were" and this can be difficult for a girl like yourself Who... wants a relationship with my ex.
    Nurse and nurture what you have for now. It could change his tune that things are Not the same as they used to be but better. However, by sleeping together, he still can have his sweet cake and it Two, with having you at his side when he wants you and being this free bird as well and not... two birds of a feather.
    By giving you his permission to see who you want and then turning around and contradicting himself, shows me he is still very territorial and with this, maybe you should show him that you mean real business and play a few girl games of your own to get him to... bite into this juiciest apple hardest to grab and to get.
    Good luck. xx


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  • for now you are friends with benefits
    try to tell him you mean what you said and if you can be together and see if your relation would work out


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