Should I break up with my bf?

My bf and I live together everything has been great. Lately he has been acting very distant and is glued to his cell phone. The other day he called me and asked when I was coming home because he was going to hang out with a friend. I don't know why but it seemed strange to me so I decided to go through his phone. I know that I shouldn't have done that but I knew something wasn't right. I found out he lied and went to hang out with a girl. So I confronted him about he was very quiet. He finally came around of course he said she was nobody that he's not doing anything. He apologized and was trying to reassure me that I was safe with him. I just don't feel like I can trust him anymore.


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  • Has he given you any further info on the girl? Who she is, how he knows her, etc? Could it actually really just be a friend? Of course it isn't right that he wasn't open to you about it, and it isn't surprising that you cannot trust him anymore.

    I don't know if you should break up. I think you need to think about it for a bit but if you cannot regain your trust there isn't much point in the relationship.

    • He's not clarifying anything he just keeps saying she is nobody and that I should believe him. He isn't really giving me anything

    • Well, that's pretty lame of him. Either he tells you exactly who it is or then he can go to hell, no? I mean if he's got nothing to hide, why not just say the whole truth and give you the details.

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  • Well, he was deceitfully dishonest with you and only came clean and apologized AFTER he was caught.

    Had he any shred of decency, he would have come forward to you before you found out and told you the truth.

    I would tell him to have fun with his new friend and find yourself someone else to hang out with. One who preferably enjoys spending time with you and not another girl.

  • I mean yeah he lied to you about what he was doing but maybe he knew you'd react a certain way. I'm not sticking up for him I'm just saying. But he told you the truth about the situation now the ball is in your court you can leave him , or ask him about her like why is he talking to her? Who is she? Whatever is running through your mind you can tell him to stay away from her. If he does something like this again you can leave

    • Of course I wouldn't have been thrilled about him hanging out with another woman that I don't know but should I wait around for him to do that to me again? Do you think things can different? Or maybe he will just get better about hiding it from me?

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    • I really don't know. Maybe I should just take some time and think before I act on it because right now I want to be done with him.

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  • ouch.. well if you can't trust him no more then yea break up with him. but if y'all think u can get out of y'all problem then stay together


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