Gagers, Can you help me?

Gagers, I've dated a girl for 4 years. We were both in love with each other. However, we kept on fighting and during those fights, I said mean things to her which she can't forget. That girl really loved me as she did received an scholarship to study abroad but in the end she refused just for the sake of us. She was in the Science side but she shifted in the Accounting field so as to spend more time with me. Her dream, as well as her father's dream, was that she became a doctor. However, she let all that go so as to stay with me. But on October 2014 we broke up. Main reasons were - Lack of Trust from my part, Binging up Past Problems, Fights druing which I said mean things. When I told her to come back she said No but later we'll see. She said to me for now I should concentrate on my career and Studies. Now since February we did not talk to each other. The main reasons she is not returning is that she can't forget the fights and things I've said to her. But also, we've had a great time when we were not havig those problems. I was taking to the cinema, introduce her to my family etc... Even her family knows about me. That we were dating. Will she come back one day?


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  • I think you should apologize for hurting her feelings and taring her down, you broke her by the terrible mean things you've said, I'm sure it's been dozens of times you hurt her and she did break you. I think she feels that you meant every horrible thing you ever said to her. And now even tho you apologize you don't mean it. She probably can't look at you in the face knowing you think so low of her, and you probably was the one person she trusted... Way to go,... You pushed her away and hurt her by the things you said... You got ur wish, skin why do you care if she comes back

    • I did apologize and many times too. And I really mean it. I want her to return because I damn love her. And I mean it. I know I've wronged but you are right. She trusted me more than anyone else. I really love her and all I want is another chance to make her see that I've changed. But it's too late. Anyway, if it's meant to be, It will. :) For now, I have to live in the present and move on and have a successful career.

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    • Thank you :)

    • Your welcome :)

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  • You sound too emotionally immature to have a serious relationship. Probably best if she doesn't come back to you.

  • no I don't care.


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  • Who's to say? We aren't her, but I wouldn't stop trying to get back together, especially if there is still something between you 2.


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