I want to get back my gf but she is avoiding me and don't want to come back :( She is 16 and I am 18, what should I do?

We were together for 3 months, i though it would last many more time, i was so in love, she broke up with me because we had an argument for a guy that also had feelings for her, he gave her a birthday present and she was hiding that to me, so next day i went to apologize because y was i little bit intense and she told me she didn't feel the same anymore and she didn't love me anymore that i was very clingy and i was her first boyfriend, she wasn't accustomed to the physic contact and i was going very fast, i begged her for another chance, and she said "i can't give you another chance because i would be lying you because i don't feel anything anymore" she said that we could be friends, i answer that i didn't want her as a friend so we haven't really talk since then (a month ago) i heard from a close friend of her that she doesn't want me back, so a week after she broke up with me i texted her basically saying "i'm not trying to get back i just want to apologize because i didn't gave the importance that it deserved to the fact that i was your first boyfriend and all that physical things were new for you, sorry for be clingy, sorry for my jealousy, and thank you for everything" she replied me "We were a litte fast, you are not clingy you just were showing your love for me, thank you for everything and for loving me like no one else has done, i wouldn't like this to be a farewell so i hope to talk with you sometimes" so i said "ok lets talk sometimes" and all the next week she was avoiding me, she didn't even say hi when we were at the same places (we are in the same high school btw) so i was very confused i heard she likes another guy, that broke my heart, i really want her back she was a grate girl she was so in love with me the first 2 months, i haven't talk to her in 3 weeks and she hasn't talk neither, so could you give me please some advices? how should i contact her? i miss her very bad. i can't explain to myself how she stopped loving me from one day to another


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  • I think you have to give her space, let her come to you.
    Its impossible to force interaction, and doing so will hurt your cause


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