Just broke up... Can't deal?

Please help me... I feel horrible and don't know what else to do.. I recently broke up with my ex.. We were 1 year and a couple of months... He was ignoring me for the longest and gave him chance after chance and never change.. I got tired... He says he loves me to death but I don't understand his love... He was an asshole and sent me a video of him asking a girl to prom.. He first ran to one of my friends to ask for his help so I got mad and didn't answer his phone calls... So he ended up sending that video... It really broke my heart... Now I see him online talking to her... And I feel so down and really bad.. I'm so hurt... Any advice on how to deal with this? the idea of seeing him with someone else hurts... Even though I know I can't take him back either way


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  • When i broke up it felt like it wasn't only my heart that broke but my whole body and mind. If you are like me then, just a heads up here, it will take quite a long time to feel better. You will feel better when you arrive at the conclusion that you don't actually need other people to feel better about yourself.

    To reach that conclusion you should: break all contacts with him. Every single thing. You already know you can't take him back anyway.

    To help you cope with the bad feelings that's gonna creep up on you, you could: meet new people, try something you've never tried before (ever tried archery before? it's fun), go out with friends, go out with parents, have a pet, and many other things. Basically whenever i got my heart broken, i got myself busy. When i'm alone and feel i have to vent, i do it. I punch pillows one night and cried into them the next day. Just go through it. It will pass.


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  • The only thing you can do js start dating someone else to help ease the pain

  • Oh well I guess


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  • ... He was ignoring me for the longest and gave him chance after chance and never change.. I got tired...
    You have said this yourself here, dear, you got sick and 'Tired' of the old redrick and with 'An a**hole and sent me a video of him asking a girl to prom,' this should Be the topping to the not so sweet cake that is Convincing you he is No good... you have the proof in the pudding now with him 'Online talking to her.'
    Focus on you as you lick your war wounds. As much as it is breaking your heart and 'I'm so hurt,' Today, just now, before I found your Question, I put: When one door closes, another will open for the best." This applies to you.
    As you do some serious soul searching during your normal, natural reaction to this hard Break up, a Break through will come through one day, when you least expect it, where there is someone on the other side who is more deserving of you and he will be everything you are looking for.
    Being you both do share some history, don't be surprised if he Tries to come back with his tail between his legs and 'Talk' to you again. And even if you do take him back, he can never be trusted again, and probably will never change his stripes or the Yellow one down his backstabbing back neither.
    Good luck. xx

  • Block him from social media.
    Delete his number.
    Initiate no contact asap.

    You cannot heal if you constantly remind yourself of him daily by online stalking his behavior. Challenge yourself to one week of no online checking and then move on to 2 weeks and then 3 weeks...

    Also read https://www.breakuprecoveryguide.com/ this. It's the best break up guide out there and it's completely free.


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