Girls, why did she call? Closure, Jealousy?

My ex gf left me for her bf and they have been together for a year. Our break up was pretty bad and drawn out. I eventualky moved on and started to date this girl. My ex who is not my Facebook friend, went on my Facebook and saw that I was dating this girl. My new gf is very attractive and my ex may have been threatened by her. Then My ex randomly calls me after not talking for 9 months. She is still in her relationship but still called me. She said since we are both in a good place in our lives, it was a closure call. She said she didn't want to talk about the past though. Nothing about the break up. She wanted me to let go of my negative feelings for her. What was the reason for this random call? We haven't spoke in 9 months and she wants closure when she's dumped me for her current boyfriend. Why would she need closure? It should be me who would need it.


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  • It was for closure, I think

    • Why would she need closure after being the dumper and being in a 9 month relationship? We haven't talked in almost a year

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