Guys, How can I get my ex back from here? Please help?

Me and my ex broke up a week ago and I was devastated. He said he did not have the same feelings for me and wanted to move on and do other things and "find out who he is." However today we had a cup of tea together and had a nice time talking and reflecting on memories and stuff.

He would freely let me touch him and he me and he was asking who I was talking to and texting, but still hinted that he was not looking to get back into a relationship (ie he would only hug me lightly and said he likes to "be civil to everyone he can").

He did however say that he had a really nice time and would love to do it again before I leave for home next week (we are at uni). I said maybe.

Is there any way to rekindle our relationship from here? I know there is something still there and he has some feelings even if they are not currently the same.

Any advice is appriciated - thank you :)


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  • Reading between the lines, it's clear to me that you and the ex had sex, or some form of it. I don't believe that you did anything immoral. At the time, my 2nd girlfriend and I were 17 when we had sex for the first time. However, you have only hurt yourself [emotionally] by fooling around in such a serious fashion with that particular guy.
    I'd bet your ex is a couple of years older than you are, although that's not the issue. What is, is that the guy is a player; he's messing with your emotions because he wants you there waiting for him just about anytime he wants some pussy or oral sex. Don't be so stupid.
    To answer your question, "No." You cannot make your ex do anything he doesn't want to do, and he has already told you that he wants to go off "and find out who he is." What a lot of bullshit that is! I already know who he is – an asshole. But guys like him are the types of guys younger women find attractive. When you get older, you'll realise what a fool you were "back then."
    Your picture shows that you have a beautiful face, and you sound like a sensitive young lady. I'm sorry that you are hurting emotionally and pining for the ex. It is very easy to not have such heartaches: Forget about itinerate guys who come and go. I guarantee that you can find an attractive, intelligent, fun young man with whom you have much in common who would respect you and never hurt you. I am not referring to the computer-nerd type either.
    Respect yourself enough to not let men use you. The next time you go to bed for the night, assess yourself honestly for 5 - 10 minutes. Focus on whether you are proud of who you are, not because you happened to be born attractive or into a wealthy family (This is hypothetical as I know nothing about you.), but because you kick ass in school, you speak another language, you're good at a particular sport, or you can sing, play an instrument, act, sew your own fashions… If there isn't anything you are particularly good at, start to learn now!


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  • hmm, this is tough, u know. You cannot force anybody to love you like before. But if you really want him, then express your feelings to him by heart. Tell him, how much you want him and how much you love when he is around. It's time to talk straight and not play any games or strategy to get him back. And if he would say that it's over then you would have to move on, i am afraid. Appreciate that it happened, though it's over now. You will have the memories to cherish for lifetime. Good luck!! :)

  • Nope. It's dead. No going back. You now officially have a broken heart that none of the king's men or king's horses can put back together again. It sucks. A LOT. Been the guy and been the one dropped.

    His feelings for you have died. Nothing anyone can do about it. Not you, not him. Even if you somehow cajoled him into taking you back, he'd only be pretending, and you'd end up back here.

    Having had several broken hearts, including having an engagement broken off (that one REALLY sucked), I know how much it hurts. I'd give you a big hug if I were there. Sorry.

  • No he is pretty clear on his intentions on being single and focusing on himself and doesn't feel the same way anymore.

  • There might be a possibility depending on why you guys broke up. I say move on and forget about him

  • You don't?


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