Is it possible or is it just false hope?

I wonder... If someone breaks up with a person, and the dumper starts dating another person for a couple of months... Eventually after a few months they break up too and the dumper gets back in contact with the first dumpee, and they tell the dumpee they want to make it work again because he or she still has feelings for the dumpee, Would you buy it or not? Is it all about truthful love or is it just someone to get by, and eventually start dating another person again when he/she gets the chance? What's your thoughts on getting back together after the dumper dated someone else and comes back?


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  • It could work. If the dumper left the dumpee for another chick he's definitely got to earn her trust back, which isn't easy but if she's worthwhile, then why not? However, I completely understand why some would just move on instead. The grass isn't always greener on the other side is it? Time is key in a situation like this, get to stepping.


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  • It could work. Sometimes two people have to fall apart in order to come back together. Some people will always come back no matter how hard they wander. However, both parties need to understand that its probably going to take more work the 2nd time around. Both partners are going to have to work hard to compromise and fix whatever it was that ended the relationship to begin with.

  • I think it depends if the person trusts them


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