My ex didn't treat me right in our relationship, why?

he would call me a hoe at school but always apologize there's so many other mistakes but I just don't have the time to list them all. There were about 10 mistakes in a 2 week span maybe a little less. But why did he do this to me he told me he loved me a lot but then would call me bad names. He picked me over another girl but got angry when I wouldn't answer him and tell him if I liked him so he ignored me but then I told him and all of this drama started happening about 5 days later. Now he keeps calling me a thottie for no reason and everyone laughs like its a big funny joke when it's not. He's just bullying and it's starting to really annoy me I know people are gonna say ignore him but I can't when the whole day he's always talking about me and making rumors about me then saying he's dating another girl when most of the people know he's not is he doing this to make me jealous so I could date him again? Sorry I'm asking so many questions it's just really having an impact on my life right now I can't focus on any of my work because I feel like people are looking at me all the time and laughing at me. My parents know there is something wrong but I can't tell them about it because I wasn't aloud to date him in the first place because he's black and I'm Hispanic. Just please help me and tell me why this happened and what he was thinking or what I should do.


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  • He's messing with your mind. His apologies aren't real though.
    No good can come from soneone like that.

    • Do you have friends to back you up if he's doing this?

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    • well I can't really leave the country cause I live in my parents house so... l

    • I understand, the change is too great to bare.
      Maybe getting a job and save up for your own home, one in Iceland or Canada.
      Safer there than wherever you are.

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  • He's an idiot maybe get some kinda proof and report him he is bullying you, or it is a form of bullying

    • I have proof I have screenshots of messages but I can't let my parents know we had a relationship cause I will get punished like really really badly because they specifically told me not to go out with them but I felt bad about it so I did anyway

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