Girls, Dont Understand AT ALL?

The more and more My Ex of two years and I talk , he tells me that he broke up wiht me because , because he said we dont know who we are , and he doesn't want to have such a heavy commitment ( after two years.. really? ) without knowing who we really are. Im sorry if this is a stupid question , I honestly just do not understand. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? How did you cope? Did they come back? Im just really confused for some reason.
@AnayaWillams He Told Me He Broke Up With Me... For Us :O.. I don't know Thanks For The Answers


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  • I haven't had that happen to me before. But sometimes people just grow apart from each other or the love or the flame dies out in the relationship. I'm sorry that happened to you.

  • I have not had that happen but people csn grow apart and change over 2 years. I'm sorry, that really sucks!


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