If your ex did this what would you think?

Maybe I'm crazy because I still thought that people had a sense of decency but I was wrong. I was using my ex's computer we were still not together and accidentally left my Facebook account open to which he went through every single one of my Facebook messages (we dated back from October-December) back until 2009 then started a huge argument over what he found even though we were not together and the things he found were things from when we were not together. How would you react if an ex did that to you? Poll question is, was he completely justified in going through my private page or is that a lite extreme?
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  • Your mail, your journal, your phone conversations and text messages are all YOUR personal business. I know people have been too tempted at times and dug into places they don't belong, but every time it seems the perpetrators come away feeling enormous grief for a.) violating the other person's trust and b.) reading something that was NEVER meant for them to see and had nothing to do with them, but hurts nonetheless.

    The only time I think someone may be justified is when they highly suspect their partner is cheating and need to know for their safety (std) and integrity of the relationship.

    Especially since the two of you are broken up, he can go eat a bowl of like it soup and STFU.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Looks like it's a good thing he's just your ex.

  • Then I'd think damn glad their my ex.


What Girls Said 2

  • Going through ones personal life is just plain wrong slap him across the face (personally I would have given him at least 48 hours worth of pain sorry I do karate)

  • He shouldn't have done that. If he started an argument, that means he's has feelings for you in some shape, way, or form.

    Just my opinion.


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