Ex boyfriend blocked me on Facebook?

Dated for 1.5 years, I initiated the break up because of family disapproval (but i didn't tell him that, he thought I didn't love him). then i immediately regreted, asked him to get back together, we agreed to work things out, then broke up, and finally he agreed after 3 months apart. A week later we spent a night together, misunderstanding happened. He started to ignore my call and texts. Then he went back home called me when he was sent to hospital due to eplepsy attack, I freaked out. Waited him to call after he came back, no respond, went to his house couple times, ended up with more confusion. I felt like there was misunderstanding that I had to explain, and he turned me down every single time. Last time we talked was before Christmas, I thought it went well. But next day he txted me "do you know how creepy it is to show up at my place unannounced? you hurt me, your disrespect and dishonest left me no faith between us, I'm not going to reopen this into my life." So I thought it was over, wished him luck. This January, he saw me at a party, txted me "." A period. My friend (also his coworker) told me later that he told him that he saw me and was confused then disappeared. I didn't respond. 1 month later, he txted me "hey", I said "hey". No respond. Then his entire family unfriended me on fb. then 2 weeks ago, I got a snowman icon text from him sent at this valentine ( well we built a snowman last valentine). I got really confused, txted him a long mesaage, saying "I don't like you playing mind games, asked him about his mixed signals, told him I'm open to talk, apologized for my part of the fault and reminded him the good part of our relationship. if he wants to work thing out, then he should make a move. If he has no intention, then we stay friends. However if he just want someone to flirt with ocassionally, he's come to the wrong person. "
Then I got blocked by him on Facebook (I unfriended him right after we broke up)
Did I do anything
What did I do wrong to deserved being blocked?


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  • ... I initiated the breakup...
    This was what Actually started the ball rolling here, dear, and from where I am sitting, it has been escalating ever since then. It's been many Misunderstandings, too many "He said, she said," and it got to the problem point of coming back to where------What did I do wrong to deserved to be blocked?
    It seems to me he feels too that you have been "Playing mind games," and with this, he has got the whole family who 'Unfriended' you from Facebook.
    I also see, where it doesn't have to be etched in stone, that there doesn't seem to be any hope left, everything you both tried has been Tried and failed, and now, like he is trying to do... moving on his your next best stepping stone step in what to do next.
    Good luck. xx

    • Really wise analysis. I don't quite get your last paragraph tho, sorry English is not my native language.

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand... with "Your next best stepping stone in what to do next" this means to just move on and proceed as You need. xxoo

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  • m in similar situation, where im confused about my girl, the problem how ever r similar just faults r different like she's Muslim n m Hindu her family won't accept me but in beginning we have decided that we will try our best to convince them, stiff it won't work then we will move on, but before all that we had bad time, n the reason behind this was that she is a bit innocent n guys come and try to use her so i told her to stay away from such guys, but she kept doing same behind my back, n due to that she was always in trouble as those guys start to harress her, and i caught her still i tried to convence her she said me sorry and promised me not to do same again, but after few months same thing happend n things got worst and worst, so now i know she loves me a lot and so i do but no matter how many times i forgive her she's not gonna stop lying, and will always repeat it n she also agreed that, now we broke up, and now she's denying all her mistakes after i deleted them, i need her i m ready to forgive her n fight for her with any one but i can't accept her lies, n its just hurting me i thing she's happy there, enjoying

  • he dont like u no more


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  • Sounds like he's breaking the cycle of u two's off and on off and on. He's had enough and maybe u want him back? Move on girl. Let it go

    • Yes. I tried so hard to let it go. Everytime I felt I was over him, I got his message, then boom, I had to start the pain all over again. What does he want from me.

    • Let it go, leave it alone :)

  • You broke up with him and he was hurt. Then you want to get back together again and he doesn't know how to react to this. He probably wants to be with you but you ruined his trust for you when you broke his heart. If you've been dumped before I'm sure you will know what it feels like. Of course he won't run back into your arms again but it sounds as if he still likes you but he doesn't know what to do. Just let him block you and be angry or whatever, this is his way of expressing his hurt and anger, his confusion. Leave him alone but make sure that you will be there for him when he's ready. If he keep giving you mixed signals then make it clear to him that you want to work things out or leave him alone if he keeps playing. Every action has a reaction.


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