Do you understand homewreckers logic?

Homewreckers blame everything on the man when in fact they are just as bad as him if they are willingly getting involved in an affair with the man. In my opinion they are just as much of a skank as him.


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  • I mean, I would say that the person in the relationship is worse than the person who they cheat with.

    The person they cheat with didn't make any promises or commitments that they are breaking. The person is the relationship did.

    Also, sometimes the person they cheat with is unaware that they are in a relationship.

    I mean, I still think that you're a shitty person if you knowingly get involved with someone who is already in a relationship. But I think that the person is the relationship who cheats is much worse.

    • Depends on the situation i guess. If the homewrecker keep sit long term they are just as bad. I have no respect of such people.

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  • well, anyone who tries to cheat likely doesn't tell the person that they are cheating. They pretend to be single. This isn't always the case, of course, but it is often the case.


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  • Don't forget the homewrecking men, ha. Like people actively try to break up a marriage for their own benefit and then try to take the moral high ground. Absolutely illogical. You can't knowingly participate in the cheating and then point fingers lol. So stupid.

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    Seriously though. I agree with you. They are just bad as him, but they put blame on the guy to make themselves feel better, I guess.

  • So what is the point of this question?

    • What's the point of your comment?

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    • "Do you Understand a home wreckers logic?" That was the question.

    • Lol how does it feel getting schooled by a kid?

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