Would you leave him or stay?

If he admited to you after two years of living together and having your first child together, that they got with you as a rebound and will not ever be a normal relationship is happy right now, but does not see a longterm future like marriage, that they felt sorry for you in the begining but now loves you and loves your personality. However, they do not act like a normal S/O because you are not even near the physical attractiveness to the S/O that they rebounded from and there is no spark with you, therefore the affection that they give you, even privately and imtimately is a minium. And they always fight with you because of unresolved anger from the past relationship. However, they don't want you to leave because they love you as a human being, who you are and dont want to be alone.

Also, the thought of you breaking up with them makes them say that they are going to fight until they die to keep the child with them and not you when you are the sole care-taker. (they work fulltime, you are stay-at-home)
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  • No future, no spark and affraid to be alone. Leave and dont look back, you only get one life, live it with someone who has passion for you, sees a future with you and doesn't need you but wants you.


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  • You both have been together for 'For two years of living together,' have given birth to a blessed event, and with the writing on the wall and all, he finally came clean with you With-----You as a rebound and will never be a normal relationship is happy right now...
    He has been this Honest John on one hand here, dear, however, along with some Not so 'Happy' answers and impressions, the bottom line is he is telling you 'Now loves you and loves your personality,' and with this, I feel, as two soul mates, things, in More time, can possibly be ironed out, where it doesn't mean the bough has to break and the cradle has to fall.
    Work together as two team mates who have this little one together. I see a chance for more romance in the future, and by just picking up and leaving, I can tell you it will get dirty and can turn into a nasty 'Diaper duo.'
    I can tell you don't want to go, that you really love him enough to accept the truth, accept his other feelings Now on this other end, and with a baby to boot, I believe in my own heart, this could truly be a wonderful little family that is filled with love and memories.
    Stay for now, work it out. I am seeing open lines of convo, which is one of the most important things in any new or old relationship. Everything else with time and some patience and of course, love, can be worked on, should two people try hard enough and make the effort.
    Good luck and blessings. xx


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  • Ah ha this is not something strangers on the Internet can give you an answer for... Only you know your situation and you have to do what is best for you and the child. Also it's what you value the most and want the most that will help determine your choice.

    Other then that there is not much else I can tell you. This seems like a very complicated situation.

  • oh, i m really sorry for you. i hate when people get in this situations when a lot of emotional suffering is implied.
    and to answer your question, i would leave! not until they are alone will tey realise what they lost. maybe he will realise that he acrually loves you and he will want you to come back. who the hell makes a baby with a person they don't actually want to be with for the rest of their life?

  • Leave and take your child with you. This is a very unhealthy relationship


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