Saw an ex out after 4 months? Opinions?

We had a short relationship, broke up no drama, had no contact... seeing each other out felt good/natural/ some things have changed... worthwhile catching up with her during the week?


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  • Why not, most people here and in most places are going to tell you no though. The truth is relationships with exs are hard. Even just being friends is hard. Its hard for people to let go of the arguments that lead to a break up and harder for people to change so that those arguments do not happen again. But I personally think if two people can actually be mature they should totally try and stay friends. If you could date you could be great friends even if that did not work out. Normally I would recommend a few months of space but you guys have done that already. Ask yourself this, do you want to keep in contact would she be a good friend? If yes then go for it and see what happens.

    • Thinking about dating again actually, know why we went our own ways, not a big issue at all, just timing really

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    • Love the duck by the way

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  • Sure, why not? You guys split up on somewhat mutual terms with no hard feelings, so I don't see any problem with you checking in and asking how things are going with her.

    • 👍👍 cheers

    • Yeah, it was her call.. but nothing major, had high anxiety at the time, I just over-pursued... but like you say no hard feelings, and everything is different now

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