Getting in contact with my ex girlfriend?

So it's been about 2 1/2 weeks since my ex girfriend dumbed me. It still hurts like hell cuz she was my first love and we were so close. She just wanted to go have fun and be on her own. And apparently she told my friend that I was too controlling. I thought I was allowed to express how I feel in certain situations and what she does (weather I like it or not). I guess not cuz almost Everytime there was a fight. Anyways since the break up she was calling me almost every day after the first week. Not so much in the third week. I haven't answered or responded to anything because everyone around me has said the no contact rule is the best option right now, especially if we say something's we don't mean in the long run. (which she has but I haven't responded to, then she says she is sorry). I just don't want her to stop calling. Cuz then I feel like she's forgotten about me. So my buddy was talking to me yesterday cuz I was feeling shitty. He recommend that the next time she calls I pick up and let her do the talking. Ask to meet up somewhere for a coffee, but not for long. And if she rejects that then say you have to go anyway. I haven't been answering so she migh not call me back. But then I said if I unblocked her from FB and Instagram I might get a reaction. And except her recent snapchat request again. Do you guys think this is the right thing to do In this situation?


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  • Well done not replying over 2weeks. No contact rule great. But if I'm honest just don't play games. If u want to reply do it. If u don't. Don't. But when u do text don't get ur hopes up. Let her do the running. Don't apologise for not getting bac k just be like hey how's it going?


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  • Dude she dumped you in the first place right?
    YOU DON'T NEED a human who betrayed your trust anyway
    You don't need her
    You need someone who takes care of your emotions and feelings
    Not this girl
    She's a play and you don't need a play


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  • The whole situation is just stupid


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  • " She just wanted to go have fun and be on her own", is that the excuse she gave you when she broke up with you? Do you know what that translates as? "I want to have fun being with other men".

    Go No Contact.


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