Does he still love me?

So I was with this guy for almost a year and then we broke up, this wa slike 6 months ago, but about 3 weeks after he broke up with me he started to message me and at first it was awkward bu then we kept talking it felt like we were still dating, and I told hi I missed him and said he missed me too and we still talk on and off and he still flirts with me and kinda talks like we're dating.. What does the mean?


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  • It means you are headed towards making a mistake. Why did you break up? Whatever problems you had are still present and you will confront them again. You will probably feel that you are different and that this warning really doesn't apply to you; that is what everyone tells themselves before they go back to a second try at a failed relationship. Almost all of these attempts fail. Learn your lessons from this experience to make yourself a better person, and then move on.

    • Well, He broke up with me. But he kept cheating on me a I stayed with him. And as much I tell myself that i'm not going to go back to him or contact him, but I always find myself messaging him or calling him. And he does the same thing. He messages me back or calls me when he's bored or needs to talk to someone.

    • When I was about 25 years old, I fell head-over-heels in love with a girl who used me, didn't respect me, and we had no future. . . but I couldn't get her out of my head. I moved about 200 miles away to get away from her. Later, I visited her a few times but I moved on with my life. Afterwards, I realized that sometimes what we call "being in love" with a person is more like being "addicted to" a person. The bad girl in my life touched on a weakness in me and made me feel so much better about myself that I was convinced that I couldn't live without her. . . but that was 35 years ago and I'm still alive.

      So, ask yourself how you really felt about this guy. We all use the word "love" but what do you think that word means? For me, love means that you like, respect, and trust someone so much that you want to spend the rest of your life helping them to accomplish all that they can in life and, if they will give you the opportunity, you will consider yourself the fortunate one.

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  • It means he's just enjoying the comfort of having you in his life but without giving you commitment so he can be free to do whatever he wants. Think about it... he is just getting all the benefits without having to lift a finger or committing himself. If he wants you so bad he'll make you his girlfriend.


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