Opinions about the outcome of a relationship wanted?

we already knew eachother a few years ago and both liked eachother but nothing ever happened, recconected and things happened pretty quickly, we had great chemistry and got on so well, things just went great, she had a 5 year old son and I got on with him well.
I worked 2 jobs in the week and she worked in london so we only saw eachother at weekends but it was all weekend, about 4 months in I bought a boat to fix up and live on as my first place, working 2 jobs in the week i only got weekends to work on it, this put a strain on things as she would get upset and tell me she was unhappy because i spent more time on that than with her and its just a boat, I told her its not just a boat its my indipendence. another 2 months Id taken a few weekends away from the boat and quit my evening job and she left her job, so spent some weeknights at hers, but she was still unhappy so we wemt away, I booked a lovely secluded cabin on a lake in wales for us and we had the most amazing holiday together ever and we came away feeling more in love and on the same page than ever, we had a dream of building our own cabin one day.
when we returned i said i would need to get on with the boat and finish it and she said she understood, not long after she was unhappy again that we werent spending enough time together going out, then work went crazy for me and I had to work 7 days a week, she didn't like it, i explained to her that i didn't want to work 7 days but because im newly self employed i had to try and get a name for myself and build up customers it wouldn't be forever, mean time she got a part time job, working with a guy who quit because he didn't like it, she then quit because she didn't like it and started spending a lot of time with him, me and her would argue because i wanted to live mortgage free and she was obsessed with a white picket fence dream, in the end she instigated a break up and got with this guy from work literally 3 days later, ask me for more info im out of room, Thanks


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  • I think you two have conflicting ideas and dreams. You said so yourself. It's not a good mix for a relationship and can lead to a lot of unhappiness down the road. If she's smart she will likely not come back because she'll know that her priorities are different than yours. I think you should be smart and realistic too and think if you really want a partner who is so different and gets upset over everything despite you not being able to do something about it. You need someone supportive and not someone who just nags you when things aren't perfect.

    • Thanks for your response, I have changed my thinking on the issue and now don't think I'd mind owning a house, I got very fixated on the plan I had already made as did she, when we came back from Wales we had the dream of building our own small house but that kind of got forgotten, I know I should have put her first more than I did but I was trying to build a future for us, she has realised she was being unrealistic but still chose to move on, I still think we had a lot going for us, we are in nc at the moment but I still can't decide what I would do if she ever tried to contact me, it would be hard to get over the fact she gave up and moved on so quickly it kind of said only her needs mattered, any more thoughts?

    • My only other thought for you is to move on. If she has done it then there is no use in clinging onto anything.

    • Yeah, I pretty much thought the same thing, she reckoned things had been going bad for too long but my memory says it was no longer than a month things were really bad for, I stuck by her through all the times she was being a pain but as soon as I started getting a bit grumpy and distant due to working nearly 6 months solid she split so I guess that says it all

  • You're gonna get back together

    • Thanks for your response, can I ask what makes you say that?

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    • Thank you. Do you think it sounds like I'm out of options? I feel like I did everything I could, she didn't even tell me the truth about the other guy until a week after she ended it, and she let me keep going with false hope that whole time.

      Part of me definitely wonders why I even care

    • I don't think you should try anymore.. you deserve better.. someone who doesn't treat you like that..

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