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So today I found out unexpectedly that I need to put my one year old dog to sleep. I had rescued him while I was in a relationship, we were dating for about 8 months or so. Anyways I let him know because he always loved my dogs he just hadn't seen them in awhile because we broke up early February . He came over brought my guy some toys and than spent a few hours at my house. He hugged me and didn't let me go the whole time he was there, he told me he loved me and missed me so much. When he was leaving he said I know you'll be sad this weekend but if you want do you want to catch a movie with me this week or something. I said of course. (I have missed him terribly but it was a mutual break up.) should I be walking back into these waters or should I let sleeping dogs lie?


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  • That's a tough call. I lost both my dogs within 2 months of one another, so I definitely know how painful that experience is. I'm thankful my wife was here for me, and it's nice your ex was thoughtful enough to do his best to comfort you.

    How about just taking things slow and making sure you both are completely honest about things that happened and about the things you both learned about yourselves when you were alone.

    I'm not sure I'd jump into a full blown deal right away, but talking with him and really talking to one another while trying to be as objective as possible isn't a terrible idea.

    I'm sorry about your puppy.

    • Yeah the break up was definitely for a reason and I was joking and asked him "wait are you asking me on a date?" And he laughed and just said I'm asking if you want to spend time with me. I'm happy to see you and glad that I'm able to be here with you, and I've missed you a lot.

    • I think that sounds really genuine and sincere, and seems legitimately interested in hanging out without "hanging out" if that makes any sense.

      Normally I'm sketchy on trying to rekindle relationships that went sour, but maybe he's had some time to think and is willing to do some things differently, and perhaps you as well.

      As long as you go in relaxed and not worried about anything other than visiting with him, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

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  • I got so confused half way through if the topic was about your dog or your ex.

    You guys broke of for a reason and it was mutual. If you get back it'll happen again unless both of you are completely changed people.


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  • It's your choice


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