Feeling the effects of a break up a year later?

I broke up with my girlfried of 2 years, never gave it a thought, until like a year later out of the blue, I mean litterally out of the blue it hit's me, I would never be with her again for the rest of my life, felling, like, I shoudn't have called it quits. Has anyone experience this or is it just me.


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  • It has never happened to me but I know from others that it's not unusual at all. Could it be that right now you are experiencing lows in other areas in your life, so your unconsciousness made you think of a time when you were happy or relatively content and hence your ex is back in your head?

    • I think you're onto something, I'm in a low point in my life, I graduated college, major in accounting, is been a year I can't find work. The experience requirement kills me. I can't even get a job washing dishes, i literally when to an interview and the guy ask me for 2 years washing dishes experience and I'm about to deferral my student loans.

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    • Thank You for those kind words I really appreciate that :)

    • You're welcome :-)

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  • It's very normal to feel that way because we tend to remember only the good times. A number of years ago, I made the mistake of going back to an ex because I really missed being with her. It only took a few days for me to remember why we had split up in the first place; I had forgotten all the bad things that drove me away from her. Needless to say, we split up (again) shortly after that.

    • I'm glad is normal, Is only been a few days since it "hit me", I hope it goes away soon.

    • I find that dating other women helps me forget an ex that much faster. :-)

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