I met a guy recently who I'm madly inlove with, he broke things off with me because of my christian views on premarital sex. Should I just let him go?

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  • Why on Earth are you even considering having sex with him?

    He literally told you what is between your legs is far more important than your heart, soul, and relationship with God.

    And you are saying, "Well maybe I'll just throw who I am as a person away, and give this guy sex!"



    Good God woman, realize the VALUE your heart has. Once it is broken, once you lose your virginity, no money can EVER fix that!

    Life is a ONE TIME DEAL. Do not THROW it away on empty, heartless, horny men who are not MATURE enough to realize that your HEART has a billion times more VALUE than your sex organs!

    Do you want to be treated like an object, like warm meat to be used and discarded when someone prettier comes along? Do you want to become hateful, jaded, bitter, angry, resentful and filled with spite? Then go ahead and let this guy take something precious from you Your innocence!

    You can always buy your innocence back later, right?


    I squandered my innocence and became a very twisted individual. It's taken DECADES to even BEGIN to feel "normal". Do you want this? Do you WANT to be miserable?

    Yes, that is very attractive... Angry, bitter, hateful, proud, resentful women get ALL the guys! Right?

    No. Instead, put some value in who you are. You are beautiful. You are kind. Loving, sweet, devoted, caring, WORTHY of being LOVED and CHERISHED above ALL OTHER WOMEN.

    Now, start LIVING like it! God LOVES You. Enough to give you a chance at life. Enough to give you a special, sacred gift; The gift of sex.

    Do not squander it. Do not throw it away. You will NEVER get your virginity back, if you have it, but God can heal all. Healing is an AGONIZING, TERRIFYING process. So don't get hurt!

    Do NOT sleep with ANY guy who does not value your heart above your body!

    How will you know him? He will WAIT, getting to know and love you, he will propose his life to you, the marry you, THEN he will sleep with you not a SECOND before.

    • Being madly in love means absolutely nothing, sadly to say. There are people madly in love with their dogs, yes, even romantically. People madly in love with children. It doesn't mean very much, hon.

      What matters is what God thinks. Listen to your gut. That still, small voice in your heart, that is telling you, MY GOD RUN AWAY! HE WILL DESTROY YOU AND ALL THAT IS PURE IN YOU!!!

      God is telling you right now. Turn away. Learn from the mistake you almost made. Learn and grow wise, grow strong, and realize that the value you have as a human being outshines every diamond, brick of Gold, every dollar, every house, every worthless possession in this stupid, empty world.

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What Guys Said 8

  • You'll have to find a guy who has the same views and that will most likely be a guy who is also religious.

  • Religious and intellectual compatible are important, and you and he are not compatible. You should date guys who share your religion and your view of pre-marital sex. That said, a great majority of Christians do have sex before marriage and then go on to have happy marriages, mostly not with their first sex partner.

  • You two aren't right for each other. You both view sex differently and you both have a different worldview which is fine by itself but it doesn't work together. In the future try to apply reason to a relationship before you let the love sink in.

  • Even Grandma had premarital sex, survey finds: www.nbcnews.com/.../#.VTUmCCGqpBd

    • He'll be happier with another girl.
      You'll be happier with another guy.

  • Well he did the right thing... You view sex differently than him... And he doesn't view the way you do.. So you two were not compatible at all... so let him go. and find yourself a guy who is like you... Who will have sex with you only after marriage... Problem solved!!!

    • A lot of guys would have rejected you until now? didn't you find someone who is like you?

  • Let him go. If he was madly in love he would have been at least thinking about whether marriage was on the horizon.

    How long were you dating?

  • don't make the mistake i made

  • Well, yeah, if he believes in premarital sex, and you don't, how do you plan to be successful?


What Girls Said 3

  • He should at least try to understand. It just shows that he's just after sex. I would let him go. You will find. someone better, trust me.

  • A person who really loves you will wait, if that's what you want. Leave him, because he sounds terrible.

  • You don't need that calibre of guy in your life! They don't add anything of value to it!


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