Can I bring my parents to court to be caretaker of my brother?

This isn't really a GaG question, but I wanted to stay anonymous when asking, so I didn't know where else to ask. So here is my situation:

Im 19 and in a steady relationship with my 21 year old boyfriend. I have a 6 year old brother, who loves us both unconditionally. My parents are getting a divorce, ad my brother doesn't understand. My dad has Cancer and is unable to take care of my brother due to the medication he's on and his health problems in general. Behind everyone's back, my mom has been cheating on my dad. Since my dad is unable to take care of my brother, am I able to file for caretaker of my brother in court? I honestly don't think he should be raised any longer by someone like my mother, especially joining in on a family with a man who tore apart my parents marraige. Would my mothers wrong doing have any away on the judge for me being caretaker? I have my own place with enough space for my brother, as well as the financial stability to do so as well. Or am I just dreaming and this never will be a possibility?


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  • If the judge sees sufficient cause to feel the boy ( your brother ) is or could be in danger then he could award you custody or have DEFACS step in and remove him from the home. In all honesty you should pose this question to a family law attorney


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  • Go see a lawyer about filing for Power of attorney of your brother and health proxy. However, speak to mom first and tell her what you will do, to be fair. If she has all the provisions for him and her and dad are getting a divorce, 'Cheating on my dad,' once they are legally divorced, would Not constitute Not being able to care for bro... something like drugs, drinking, prostitution whatever would be more like this situation. And proof of Neglect would Definitely have to be proof in the pudding.
    However, in having this beautiful heart of gold at your age here, dear, you are an angel for wanting to take care of your brother. But with Caring, this means too Sharing in his care for many years and maybe forever, should anything come down to it where you find he is not able to go out on his own.
    There is a lot to consider, please consider it before opening a can of worms in the family.
    Good luck, God bless. xxoo


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  • Call child protective services and ask general questions they may be able to help you. You have a good chance.

  • No you can do it actually. You just need to get a lawyer


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