How do you build and remain a strong friendship after a break up?

My boyfriend and i broke up a day ago. Because of distance, we have a 2 year age differnce so he has more freedom then i do. We argued, swore then later we decided that we showed try to be friends. How do i try to build a healthy strong friendship with him? Because i still want to be with him and i believe that someday we could get back together


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it is Good-bye, my love forever. And with an EX who Still Marks an X in his own soft spot, Briana20, there is usually motive in mind when a 'Break up' comes around With-------We decided that we should try to be friends.
    Being it is LDR, One of the hardest ones to Have and to Uphold of Any relationship, then I feel you both made a wise decision and decided to leave on a good not, not a sour note Forever with grudge bearing and Swearing and made this pact to 'Try to be friends.'
    If you are doing Skype, which I would imagine you are here, dear, Continue with what you are doing. Keep the relationship friendly, pleasant, don't bring up anything to do with your split, at least for now, and learn how to be friends with open lines of convo that may be Both your Best friend in the end.
    I have a husband still out in Egypt and with coming back to the states 3 years ago, we have had Many Break ups and Make ups and even in the end, with the Middle East Burning and our own personal relationship dissolving, much of it my own fault, we had too decided to be friends.
    However, with some jealousy, words that were said that involved the past and in the heat of the moment, we would make the same Mistake over and over again, splitting up, not talking for sometimes two months at as time.
    Don't allow yourselves to come full circle in the same pattern He and I have followed. It's Not 'Healthy,' it Weakens a relationship, a Friendship to the point where things may never... Get back together.
    Go slow with this flow and nurture and nurse it, it's something new now. There could very well be room for more in store, a chance for romance, but the best way of knowing is showing... friendship in beginning anew beguine.
    Good luck. xx

    • I currently am with my bestie friend (Not the one from Egypt) who is an EX and my bestie friend for many years... so it can work, but takes much effort. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with the man.:)) xxoo

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  • it's up 2 him,2 want u as a friend as well u know...

  • can't happen he proll hates you giv up


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  • Good luck but in most cases ex's can never be friends, you just don't click that way... you always clicked as romantic interests of each other but once the romance is taken out of the equation what do you really have to talk about with each other? not much... lol it's just too strained afterwards.

  • I'm afraid this isn't really possible. I am not saying that ex-partners can never ever be friend, but it is rare, very rare. You broke up a day ago. It isn't realistic to think that one can just smoothly go from being romantic partners to being friends. This simply does not happen. In my experience, it takes a long time (several years) of no contact to be able to be friends with an ex. You say one of your motivation to be friends is that one day you're hoping you could get back together. That is precisely the reason why there needs to be no contact for a long time. You cannot be friends with someone you want to be with. Real life just doesn't work like that.


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