How to save this relationship? Help!

Been with my girlfriend for 2 years. Recently she said she wanted a break as she was not sure this is what she wanted anymore and that she's having doubts. But she said she still loves me and don't know what to do.

We had a break of only about a week, during which she rang every night, sometimes in tears. So we agreed we will kinda be back together, more just seeing each other/dating, for the next few weeks and then see if we still want to carry on seeing each other after that.

I have given it some serious thought and think I realise where I made some mistakes, like not doing the small things that matter, startng unnecessary arguments etc. and I think over time this made the relationship feel different and so she's had doubts.

So should I talk to her about this and tell her why I think she's had doubts (cos she said she doesn't know why) or should I keep quiet and let the next few weeks play out, just correcting these mistakes?

I don't want to push her further away by talking about it in case she gets all defensive; even tho I'm accepting fault. kinda like if you break up with your girlfriend and want her back the worst thing to do is keep on about it and say how much you love her etc.

but this is slightly different so not sure what to do?

How to save this relationship? Help!
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