What does he mean?

My ex and I broke up over a month ago and I'm pregnant with his kid. As soon as we broke up he got into a relationship, no he was cheating on me. He started talking to this girl 2 days before we broke up.
Well today he brought me some food and medicine and told me him and his girlfriend were fighting because he came to see me.

He also said he loves me. I don't now what the hell to do, I can't let go and I still want him.

Tips on how to get my baby daddy back?
He wasn't cheating on me****


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  • In all honesty, can you really trust a guy who has cheated on you in the past? I mean sure you can love him, yes he is the father of your still unborn child, BUT putting those facts aside, he was speaking to his current gf two days prior to your break up which means he is a wandering type, he doesn't keep his eyes on what is important to him, and in my opinion, take this with a grain of salt, you can't trust a guy who thinks with his dick.


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  • If he truly loved you he wouldn't of left. He would of fighted back for you and he wouldn't of started to talk to other girls. Honestly your better off without him, definitely as he's cheated... I've had the experience of that and never go back.
    Once a cheat always a cheat! X


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  • Honestly, he might just see you as a girl on the side, be careful with that. Does he know you are pregnant?
    Also who broke up with who?

  • Be nice and say you miss him


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