I broke up with him and he doesn't seem to care?

Introduced me to his best friends, all on different occasions, including one that was visiting in town.
Posts our pic on his fb
he always said not to ever put another man in this relationship or we'd break up
courted me for 4 months and we've been together 4 months.
texts me everyday throughout the whole day

then I find out he was still in communication with a chick he had a fling with. One who he also might've slept with as he used to show me nude pictures when we weren't together yet. I found out he is still liking her provocative pics on Facebook. And commenting on them. We aren't actually friends on Facebook because he for angry at me for ignoring him before and blocked me. I never brot it up because I didn't wanna make a big deal out of it.

I always told him, Facebook, be it a social media, it still in fact shows many people's true colors in relationships. I always asked him before never to place himself in these type of situations because they destroy trust. He said he understood how I felt and he apologized.

When I asked him about it, he completely lies (I guess he doesn't realize her pictures are public) and tells me he doesn't talk or communicate at all with her. He was acting upset that I believe whoever is telling me lies. He doesn't know I saw it myself.

obviously I'm devastated. I truly believed in his honesty. We got to know each other pretty well in those 8 or 9 months as friends and lovers and I'm just confused. Now he won't even speak to me at all (I asked him for some of my stuff back).

how could someone do all this and just completely stop caring? I'm so confused. Please help me
I just met his very best friend last week. If he wanted to end it, why bother?
He also just set up a very romantic date last night, it ended well and I found out about this situation late this afternoon


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  • He probably had no intentions of ending it. You're the one who ended it. And with good reason, in my opinion. You say he doesn't talk to you at all now but at the same time you say you only found out this afternoon and were out last night. Give it some time, I am sure he will be in touch.

    Now to Facebook: I don't condone his behaviour of liking her pictures. But could it be possible that he did not, in fact, communicate with her since you two are together? You know what FB is like, everyone "likes" everyone's pictures, and it pretty much has no meaning. I agree with you that it is wrong and he shouldn't have done that, but he probably really didn't even realise that it'd be hurtful to you. That's why I hate FB in relationships and why I completely agree with you that Facebook and the like can be a big source of annoyances and pain in relationships.

    • Thanks you for your input. Reason I said they do still communicate us because he made a comment on her picture,, or rather he asked a question pertaining to another subject they were talking about at another time.

    • thank you

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  • He may have wanted to end things already so when you ended it he didn't have to.

  • because he probably didn't care to begin with


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