Why is it people who hurt others and make their lives miserable get to be happy?

yes I know it's because they can, they choose to ignore the tears dripping down someone's face when they are telling them they are nothing that no one cares about.
Most people would be lucky to be loved by the opposite sex just once in their life and when they are loved treat that person with sheer comtempt and a joke someone to laugh at.

i feel worthless I feel like telling that person they are wrong the things they say about me, but I'm scared to.

Why do they get to be happy?


Most Helpful Guy

  • People who are narcissistic are usually miserable on the inside, but too much in denial to ever know that. They move from relationship to relationship, without looking back, figuring everything is always the other person's fault, yet not really caring anyway. They're all about self-indulgence and fulfillment, and don't care if they put anybody out or hurt them in their quest to satisfy themselves.

    The payback comes when they've reached a point where their friends have all left them, because the narcissistic person will have burned all his/her bridges through using and insulting those people. The same applies to their families.

    They'll also sometimes realize their pattern of relationship behavior is empty and has deprived them of raising a family and enjoying what reciprocating love can bring people. Oh, and after they've burned those bridges with the people they've used, it becomes harder and harder to "score" and be with people, because as they age, the people they try to get involved with have learned and are no longer interested in being used and treated like a door mat.

    So in essence, they might think they're happy now, but I don't think they're truly happy, otherwise they wouldn't continuously be using people to try and fulfill that huge void inside of them.


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  • I guess that's just life. You're responsible for your own happiness, so if they can make themselves happy, they will. I hope you take each opportunity that comes your way.

    • At the expense of whom? To me happiness is nice not putting others down by calling them names

    • Why would you expect others to think the same way you do? Forfeit your happiness if you want, but that's kind of stupid considering you only have one life to live.

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  • Why do you think they are happy? Simply because you can't feel their pain but you can feel your pain. People like that never know the joy of experiencing true love, giving yourself completely and having your feelings appreciated and returned. I think those people live miserable, deprived, sterile lives.

  • They get to be happy because that person was to scared to say anything. The person berating person feels better about themselves


What Girls Said 1

  • They are not truly happy.
    They do that because they are either insecure themselves or jealous. So when others do that to me, I know they are either one.
    I pity them


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