Just been dumped, feel like shit, nobody to talk to... should I tell my coworkers?

Once again, things did not work out, I'm getting really depressed over all of this. I don't really have anyone to talk to about it, and I don't even think I'm going to sleep tonight. I'm going to look like shit at work tomorrow. Should I tell me coworkers about it? We work in a very friendly atmosphere at work, and the bosses are not here for the week. Should I just tell them I've just been dumped, or is it too awkward?


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  • Tell us the GaGers!

    • Yeah, I'm not sleeping today, I'll just write all kinds of sh*t before going to work like a zombie. I'm not even expecting replies, I guess it's like writing to my diary, except there's a bit of interactivity and feedback I guess... I think all things that happen should make you grow, so I really want to learn from this. I won't say she was "amazing", I did not know her all that well, but damn she was exactly what I was looking for. Everytime I get dumped, I try to learn from it, and adjust what I'm looking for. Everytime it doesn't work out. Surely at some point i'm going to reach a girl that is meant to be with me. I still have MANY years before it gets desperate but f*ck me I just want to love and be loved in return. I'll erase this question in a few days/weeks anyway, but for now the contest for "best answer" is still open...

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    • Well the thing is, I thought I knew her, because I really did not see the break up coming. We had such good times together, but I know I can get blinded by the romance very easily. Then she introduces me to her close friends, and I just get extremely nervous, and dont act like myself for like two hours. And that's enough for her to dump me. It's really puzzling, but I guess it just means she wasn't really into me... or wasn't the right one for me. F*ck I don't know and I will probably never know, strength in the numbers, I'll get my woman one day.

    • Wow. Just 2 hours and she dumped you D:

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  • My man, If you want to be happy, then you are going to need take responsibility for your own happiness. Finding love or some lovely girl to be responsible for your happiness, is going to make you more unhappy.

    When getting into a relationship you are going to have accept, getting hurt comes with the territory, you just have ask yourself, are you strong enough and durable enough to handle it. You are going to have to accept your going to get beat up along the way. Just move on to your next endeavour like a champion.

    • Oh man you're getting close to the "most helpful" reward; if that's what you're after you big b*tch. I was planning on getting into boxing with a personal trainer and all, just for myself. I have a really tight budget but I think that's what I need to clear my mind. Hell, I'm going to run a half marathon in a month and I KNOW an another ex is running that too. I'm going to punch my way out of this and run so far in front of that other girl (with whom I have no hard feelings at all) that all of this is going to be behind me. You're the oldest to respond so far, so probably the wisest. Thanks.

    • No problem good luck. Have goals and start putting your life back on track. If you want to be happy, its really down to you.

    • Life is a game, your either a player, or your the one being played.

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  • Don't worry, just occupy yourself with activities. I don't think you should tell your co-workers because that could make you look like a attention whore.

    • F*ck its going to be a hard week. Nothings happening at work lately, we're just sitting there all day doing f*ck all. But I think I learned my lesson, i'm going to listen to you GUYS for once, EVERY f*cking time i take advice from girls and it doesn't work out. I might just turn gay at this point. Well maybe tomorrow, i'm off watching some p*rn now.

    • Good luck (:

  • no... they might consinder u very desperate basically... so avoid it

    • Haha yeah and they tried to hook me up with a girl last year, you're probably right. F*ck this shit, I'm going to drink myself to sleep this one night, and I'll steer away from all this tomorrow... or try at least.

  • Tell satan your problems and he will heal you😁😁😁😁

    • Thanks man that cracked me up a bit at least.

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