Guys, is he coming back?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half with very few hiccups. We've probably fought less than five times in the entirety of our relationship, we travel together, I've met his family a few times, etc. Lately he's been stressed because he just started grad school and is about to quit his job to be in school full-time (which I have been 100% supportive of). Last weekend we got into an argument. It was the first pretty weekend of the year and I was in a great mood. He was sour all day, and despite my best efforts at cheering him up, he was just bringing me down. When we got home I told him how frustrated I was. We got into an argument. He left, and I haven't seen or heard from him in 8 days. I'm trying to give him his space and not contact him. But now I'm starting to wonder if he's actually going to come back? I didn't think the fight was big enough to lead to all of this... Why haven't I head from him?
Thanks for the advice so far. I haven't contacted him, but I also haven't heard from him. It's been 10 days now! I'm so frustrated and hurt. Is he just trying to punish me at this point? I was thinking about contacting him at the two week mark to see what's going on. I need advice, please and thank you!


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  • It sounds like he found an excuse to pick a fight with you and it probably relates to the underlying reason for why he was on a bad mood. The reason may concern your relationship but it could be unrelated.

    You need to talk with him to find out what is below the surface. What you don't want is another argument. To guard against that, why don't you invite him to meet you somewhere for lunch? You will have fewer arguments when you meet in a public venue and fewer arguments when you meet during the daytime.


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  • Same happens to me
    But you know what... I left her to decide
    Until now, i didn't hear from her
    It has been a month now
    And I'm happy about it
    But you've been with each other for more than a year
    So leave him until he calls first
    DON'T AND I SAID DON'T begin the call yourself
    Don't call him
    He left you for a week so he'll come back by himself

  • He'll be back. He probably has a great deal on his mind. Although he shouldn't have waited this long to contact you. Seems a little excessive if it was a simple argument.


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