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My boyfriend came to me out of nowhere, and said he needed space, needed to take a break to figure out if this is what he wanted. He said he still loves me, but doesn't know if this is what he wants. He said he thought it was possible to start over, but not right now.
I asked about 3 days later, if we our relationship was over, and if he missed me at all, he said he did miss me, but being away from me, was making him feel more like himself again.
Should I give up, or keep trying? Is giving him space what he really wants? or has he met someone else?


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  • He's at least being honest with you about his feelings, so you have to respect that about him. As painful as it is to hear someone is no longer sure they want to continue being with you, it's a part of many relationships that are great but can fall flat with one or both people.

    He's asking for his space, so you'd be better off respecting that. Trying will probably push him away more and forcing him to answer questions as to "why" after you've already asked, is another formula for pushing him further away from you.

    I'm not sure you need to "move on" per say, but you really should leave him alone and plan on spending some time to rethink the relationship, looking for signs that maybe you weren't completely happy with. I'm sure you did nothing wrong; sometimes people just have a change of heart and make the difficult choice of coming to terms with it, rather than be in something they're not happy in, which is also unfair to the other person in the relationship.

    Spend some time doing activities on your own, and once you start feeling better about things, possibly consider opening yourself up to going on some dates, just to get out of the house and see what else is out there.

    I'm sorry you're going through this, and I hope you find some peace and clarity, allowing you to accept whatever happens, let "him" go if that's what he wants and also moving forward yourself.

    Good luck,


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  • I feel with my intuitive mind that he has found someone else.


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  • Cut contact with him, focus on yourself and he might contact you in the next week, month or something. Till then just work and focus on you.

    When/if he does, you need to be direct and ask him to come over for dinner or something.

  • Maybe his friends told him something or he met someone else. Personally when I feel like wanting space it means I'm bored.


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  • This means he has found someone else. Period he is telling u to back off because he wants to pursue this other women. Give space and keep ur head up high the tables always turn


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