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My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago. We've only been dating for two months when he broke up with me. We always got along pretty well and I thought that it would be cool to still stay in touch. Sure, I kind of want him back I have no idea how to do that.
anyway if he doesn't wanna get back together I still want him in my life as a friend. Do you guys have any tips on that? And should I just text him or wait a bit linger as it has been only a month? And when I do what should I say?


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  • Just don't text him.

    It leads to so much headache and drama.

    Imagine you do end up back together. What do you achieve? You will always have the taught that you don't fit together because something is the reason why you broke up the first time


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  • No not ok. It's over. There is no such thing as "lets stay friends", it's just a lie we tell ourselves to ignore the fact that they are out of your life from then on. Never ever ever ever ever ever be friends with an ex, never text an ex, cut ties and move on.

  • Nope, do not text. You just said it yourself, you want him back, you won't be able to be "just friends". It's hard, but move on.


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