My bf and I broke up a little over a month ago and I want him back and I want him to want me back, im just not sure how to go about it?

My bf and i broke up about a month ago and it was sort of a mutual decision but he was the one who said that he just could do it rn. we go to different highschools but are only a 15 minute drive away from eachothers houses. he was acting distant and i asked him about it and he told me that it wasn't me and that he was just super stressed about bc of school and football, and then a week after i brought up the idea of breaking up just to see if its what he wanted eventhough it wasn't what i wanted and again he said he loved me but he just didn't want a girlfriend rn. a couple weeks after we broke up i texted him telling him i missed him and if he wanted to give it another go without the pressure of dating i would be fine and happy with that and all he said was that he just couldnt do it rn. that night i got into trouble and got my phone taken away for 3 months, that was about a month and a half ago and i have n idea if he's tried to text me or not. Personally i have very protective friends and so i posted a selfie on instagram (which he stopped following me on the day we broke up) and my friend tagged him and hold me he messed up in which he never replied. And this whole time i dont have my phone to see if him or any of his friends have texted me. What i am asking for tho how do i get him to want me back?


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  • I'm sorry, but it seems he has completely moved on from you, especially if he stopped following you online. I strongly doubt there is anything you can do to start up the relationship again. He might be seeing somebody else by now.


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