It's been 7 months and I can't get over my ex, why?

It's been seven months since we broke up or have seen one another and we did have a pretty bad break up but he is all I can think about. I haven't wanted to date anyone and haven't even come close to being interested in anyone else. Why can't I move on?
When we first met everything was amazing like usual in the beginning of every relationship. we only dated about six months but we were inseparable from the first night we met and then when they were out and he lied straight to my face and ever since then the whole relationship went in a downward spiral I couldn't trust him and I was always questioning what he did and I know that's wrongand it was hurting both of us so I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with the break up


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  • Could be a lot of reasons you might still have feelings or you might have something unresolved. Just try and put yourself out there. Even if you are not that into the guys you try and date the distraction might help.


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  • It's afresh Break up here, dear, so with That being said, you have not finished licking your war wounds, and with the way things went down, War of the Roses and all... I'm having such a hard time with the break up.
    Anyone right now will only be a rebound in your life. Go slow with your flow and don't be hasty by rushing back into anything. You are not Ready nor Raring to be in a Real Relationship, you are still living in the past and not over your hump and lump with the past ghost.
    Things went sour by the hour with the old relationship and now you know Not to wear your heart on your sleeve and to be careful with the next relationship at hand with a man.
    Time does heal all wounds, it's still early yet. As the clock continues ticking, each day eventually Will get easier and all that will be left, which may never go away, are the memories and... mistakes of yesterday.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you!

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie, and sending a Paris hug your way to make your day.:)) xxoo

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  • How long were you together?

  • Maybe you still love him and are in denail about it? Give him a call.


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  • My guess is that he treated your heart very well and/or you guys had a damn good connection with lots of great memories.

  • Because you're still in love with your ex.


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