Boyfriend of 3 years though about breaking up with me, but changed his mind.. I am shocked?

After two weeks of bad vibes, big arguments, strict household (my parents) and about moving away from each other we have found a way to balance everything. We are happy right now… something that keeps on hunting me though is his comment about how he was thinking about breaking up with me (found out he was overreacting and changed his mind)… after 3 years in a relationship, him being the one to keep our relationship stronger than ever I am shocked that he even though about breaking up with me. I can't get over it… I feel so unsafe in the relationship. Does he love me or not? So much is going through my mind.


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  • There has to be a lot on his mind right now as well for him to say what he did. You said he is the strength in this relationship , something is bothering him pretty deeply to go as far as consider breaking it off. You should really consider having a heart to heart with him and see what's up


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  • no mo... u r wrong... he was just overreacting bsically as u said... yes he likes u...:-)

    • I really hope so... if he did and wanted me back afterwards.. I would have said no.

  • Maybe he just had a moment of weekness, the point is he decided to stay. Count your blessings.

    • even if this is the case. I feel like I am walking on thin ice... that it is all about time before he really does it.

    • I know how you feel, I've been in your shoes all you can really do is stay strong or take a proactive approach as hard as it would be.

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