Weird relationship limbo. After an argument, a 6 month relationship has been reduced to daily text greetings and nothing more?

This was a relationship that lasted 6 months. It was serious enough to sleep over 3 nights a week. The argument made it clear we're not compatable long term. He was pretty contemptuous, actually. Then he texted an apology. I accepted. We made some small talk but when I included an affectionate emoticon out of habit he wrote just,"good night". The next day when I was more awake, I apologized for my own behavior. But he seemed irritated with my explanation & made comments that made me realize he felt right to behave the way he did. So much for his apology. Ever since it has been just daily text greetings (mostly initiated by him) and nothing else. It has been "Morning. Good night. Morning. Sweet dreams. How are things? My [thing at work] went well, thanks. Goodnight. How are you feeling?" The few times we did engage in small talk, he spoke to me like a friend. No more words of affection, cutesy emoticons. Just "Morning." It used to be "Good morning gorgeous/beautiful/nickname for me" It's clear it's over. I was almost always the one who made the first move in discussing anything. Frankly I don't want to be bothered with being the first to start a discussion AGAIN especially when he essentially took back his apology and just pointed out what he thinks I do wrong. This morning was the first time he didn't send a morning greeting. I didn't either. Do I just stop replying to any texts he sends, if any? Or should I suck it up and put the dying relationship out if it's misery since he won't? What do I say to bring it up, considering we've now spent a week speaking in text greetings?
He just sent me a goodnight text and wrote,"Random fact- I once traveled to the coast of (home country) and found a seahorse. I've been fascinated with them ever since."

What the christ?


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  • Sometimes it takes a while to let off steam, but I feel after you accept a person's apology, you move forward, which it seems like he's not even stuck in neutral, but in reverse.

    I agree your relationship has serious problems if you've reduced your time spent with one another to short lined text messages.

    I'm not in favor of playing games and life is too short for you to worry about whether you should do this first or wait for him to do that first... If I were you, I would simply ask him if he'd like to get together and talk about things, because the silly texting without anything else is not getting either of you anywhere. If he seems annoyed at that, then you may truly be right about the relationship being over, since he's not willing to work at it.


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  • You should just move on.


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  • If you don't see comparability after 6 months , then it most likely isn't there. If you don't forsee that it could develope ( should have signs by now ) then rather than be kept in limbo maybe it is time to put this out of it's misery

  • You might be in a controlling relationship. This is dangerous behavior.

    • What do you mean by dangerous? I thought he was just acting this way because he wants it over but doesn't have the guts to end it. Makes the texting weird though.

    • Do you read often? Just answer this question

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