Guys who move on too quick?

Me and my boy friend have been going out for over a year now and we've had a couple break ups and when ever we break up he sleeps with a girl strait away sometimes even the same night or within an hour I know of 6 now but I'm sure there's more and he carrys condoms around and he gets really drunk and gets with as many girls as he can and we always end up getting back together he's not a cheater tho but in my opinion it's as close to it as possible is he worth it? Why can he move on so quickly?
Aw he chats up girls and stuff strait away but he waits at least a day to sleep with them but he tells me he does love me and he can't move on even when he try's so we end up getting back together
And I know he's not a cheater and all his mates say he will never cheat on you but as soon as you's break up he's bad


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  • You'll need to move on he doesn't deserve you this will continue and will ultimately end up damn messy. My ex was exactly like him, it was hard to leave her but it needed to be done for me, now, a year later I'm loving life without having to be verified by someone who didn't respect me.


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  • I don't think he moved on too quick. I guess he's doing it because that's the way how he cope up or release his stress from your break-up. He's trying to move on by doing that but he can't that's why you end up getting back together.
    But that's unhealthy in relationship..


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  • Did I see this right? He sleeps with another girl within an hour of breaking up with you? Why are some of you so oblivious, then you get so upset when you catch him actually cheating on you.

    You're too innocent, I think you need to move on.


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  • That's he us, way of coping with things so he doesn't have to feel the pain

  • He's not worth it honey straight up.


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