Guys, after 3 weeks no contact I texted and he text back right away. After a couple of text started to change attitude and asked never to text again?

Guys, I had been no contact for 19 days when I realized I never got back something from him I needed. I had a weak moment and text him if he had it. He text back right away saying he didn't have it sorry he thought he gave everything back. I asked him of he had gotten ride of it he just said all my things were gone (whatever was missed when I got my things). Then he started saying goodbye. Or bye. And eventually said dobt text me again. He ended the relationship and I was understanding of it and mature after the first couple of days and told him I loved him and just wanted yo be happy but also that I wanted to try. He was really mad and eventually confessed while crying that he loved d me and didn't want to do it but felt like it was the right thing to do. He said he missed me and it was very hard but that he need to for himself for himself because he felt like he had lost himself. I told him I loved him and wanted to work at it but he said no. I started the no contact and broke at day 19 when I found I was missing the chords (I guess I had an excuse). Is it really over? Could he jus need time to heal and forgive me? We were together for 10 months and broke up because I told him I was done with him and was never going to talk to him again. I swore it. UE said it was too much for him to handle loosing me and can't forgive Mr for saying that) could he said I'll just be mad? I'm hoping that once he is over being mad at me he will realize that he wants me back. Is that still possible? Or should I just give up.
Please someone reapond!


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  • OK, first things first DON'T listen to any unprofessional morons on the internet if you want to get your ex back. The people on here and other sites are just absolute asses and, because of their anonymity, will just troll you and bully you. I'm speaking from experience.

    Now I realise I'm not a professional either, but I have gotten exes back in the past and I'm to help you --- with the advice from Coach Corey Wayne. (

    Just to tell you how impressive his work is, I went No Contact with my most recent ex for 2 weeks and she's already reaching out.

    Follow the advice given in the guide (the link), and you'll have a great chance of getting him back!


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