I sent a message to my ex?

Okay so my ex boyfriend constantly stares at me all the time at school as if i dont see him which i do, plus people always tell me he is staring. Also people tell me that he always talks about me or asks for me, but im not COMPLETLY sure if that one is true although many have said that so i think it is. He also stalks my instgram and i know because randomly today he liked my picture from 2 weeks ago. So i decided that im tired of it because he has a gf and i have a bf and its not right for him to do that bc im pretty sure he still likes me. Additionly, i sent him a dm saying exactly this

"(Name) can u please not like my pictures anymore and please unfollow me bc im gonna do the same. Its bc everytime i see you on my notifications it just makes me sad and angry so please just ignore me and act like i dont exist to you. Id like to forget about u and its hard to do that when u like my pictures and stare at me comstantly at school bc yes i do see u and I don't know if its true but all the time people say that u talk about me a lot and yeah. So please just leave me alone, im sorry if im seeming rude or mean, but i just need to forget you"

So yeah I don't know if i should have sent him this, but im sorta glad i did. Although he hasn't looked at it yet and im kinda scared for his reaction, but what do you guys think? Should i have sent this, should i say anything else?
He still hasn't seen it, so I can still add more if I need to. Help?
So he replied and just said he doesn't stare or talk about me (probs a lie) but then I said I unfollowed him and everything was done. Then today I was leaving and we haven't talk in person for months! But today when I'm leaving for the bus he YELLS out, 'bye Marissa!" In front of everyone. I knew it was him and I freaked out so I walked extremely fast to my bus. Sooo idek? Why the hell did he do that? Please help!


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  • Kinda harsh, but to the point. I hope you're really in love with your new boyfriend :)

    • So it was okay to send and I don't need to say anything else? And thank you! :)

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    • Alright thank you so much! :)

    • No problem :) I hope everything works out! Feel free to keep me updated on the situation

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  • Ah, young love.

    • I knew this was bound to happen. I expected this

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    • Actually ill take that advice bc i just finished a book earlier today :)

    • Yes, you'll never be let down by learning new things. Learn and burn!

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  • No you shouldn't it's not nice to hurt a person feelings like that. You should try to talk to him in person and tell him that it makes you feel bad that he still tries to talk to you and you just want space. Be nice of someone you like might hurt your feelings


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