Im confused! what exactly do he feels?

okay, i was in a long distance relationship for like 2 and a half months. in our first month, i feel complete, no fights, no arguements or no misunderstanding. In the second, i feel like our relationship is starting to fall, its because he started to work, he's always busy in work and in school so i feel like he dont have time for me. Yeah, we talk everyday but its like 1 hour or 30 mins. not like the first month, it will go to 5 hours talking and talking in Skype, facebook and etc. I always understand him, he even sleep without saying "good night or bye" but i still think that he's tired and he need to rest but i noticed, he always do that so before our second monthsary, i talked to him, i ask him if he wanna stop this kind of relationship and he said "you're so impatient but whatever. why is that babe? you wanna broke up just because i dont talk to you all the time? like what the f! ck is this bullshit" when he said that i feel like i love him more and more.. after a week, i told him that im not sure if i will ever go to his country because the plane ticket is so expensive and i can't afford it. i asked him if he really love me, he said "if you can't be with me then i think its not good idea to love you" i told him "dont ever say that you love me if you dont really mean it" he said "i did loved you and im trying not to" i was hurt very much but i didn't cry, im trying to moved on (we didn't break up the time he said that) after that, im trying my best to ignore him, not send him a message but still i miss him so much so we started to talk again, this day, he went to work (8pm-12 am.. we're apart so its like the time here is opposite) i always say that i miss him and same with him, we always say the " I WISH YOU'RE HERE" but too bad, its just a wish. i was shocked when he replied and said "Babe i have to sleep now. I will dream of you. I love you." and i asked him if he really mean it and he said "Yeah, Its hard not to".. so what do u think?


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  • maybe you guys should wait a while and understand that maybe that kind of relationship isn't for you, it takes a lot of commitement and love, and patience to be in a long distance relationship, it is perfectly normal couples far apart not being able to talk for long periods of time etc, especially if work and school are involved. its not the amount of time talking that matters, its what you say in the time that you have. it sounds like you both like eachother and are both trying to make it work, but being far apart is very hard, and people in long distance relationships normally have an end goal to be together, if right now it is defiently not a possibily and you dont see any possiblities for a few years maybe its best you guys take a break, stay in contact , then you guys won't destroy your relationship threw fighting, and having disapointement of not being together :), its really up to you guys, if you both think you can make it work then dont let any one stop you, just have pacience with one another, :)

    • MAybe, I can't tell exctly what he feels, its like he's a bipolar. And yes, were trying to make it work. Yesterday i told him "i hope our relationship will work" and he said "me too.. im not really emotional, and im aloof sometimes but believe me, i want you to be part of my future. I dont know yet what the future holds but i hope you will be part of it"... He's the reason why i wanna get the caregiver course, I know its stupid. and by the way he's my first boyfriend so its hard to just let go. (we never met in person)

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    • i dont know either. i feel im ready. i once asked him if he he really wants to continue this kind of relationship, he said "sure"

    • just try the b est you can then and both have patience with eachother, as i said before talk to eachother but dont time it, time doesn't matter, sometimes when long distance couples phone eachother, each person is doing their own thing, (watching tv, computer etc, and they just like having the company of the other person )

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