First Broken heart? some suggestions on moving on?

I've had guys want me, I've wanted guys. Not ever physical. But when it was over (i ended pretty much all of them) moved on no problem. Even the first guy i loved, i moved on like nothing maybe cause he cheated. But my most recent ex was the first guy I fell completely in love with like it hurt like hell for us to break up. How do I move on? I'm beyond depressed. Can't eat properly, sleep, get out of bed. He broke my heart and then today unfriend me that was the last straw to cause a break down. This whole time I've been semi fine no melt downs or anything just feeling sad. But now I'm miserable. So what's some suggestions on moving on?


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  • Get out of the house and have fun, do what you can to not think about him, not much else you can do but give i time... I know your pain

    • I tried. But when I get home the pain sets in. It's been almost 3 months.

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  • Can I say I m the same with you? I miss him, I always look at my phones to see if he send the message, with no reason, he loses contact with me, leave the fb unupdated for 7 days, no message back for 4 days, I even thought he maybe dead... Until I found him active on tinder.. At that time, I know it's time to let him go and pull myself together.

    I delete his number and unmatch him, refrain myself to text or call him, I like him, I thought he was into me, turns out he just likes intimate behavior with a girl, kiss or sex.. Just because I rejected, he stops contacting me... Ridiculous, obviously he is not the right one for me. Even though, I still miss him, I don't know why, I can't sleep well, even can't smile brightly like before. Haven't the mood going out with other guys...

    With time, wounds ll be healed. All the memories ll fade away. Keep yourself busy, exercise or do works, a busy social life will absolutely leave you little time think of the sad experience..


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  • I can relate to this completely I dated a guy and fell for him and he dumped me for his ex girlfriend it's been about five years and now he is dating my ex bestfriend it hurt I cried but I'm moving on. All you can really do is let yourself heal and surround yourself with people who love and care for you it's okay to cry and be miserable but remember that soon you won't even think about him because your too busy getting the love you deserve from someone that matters

  • The first one wasn't truly love. Do things that make you happy and avoid thinking about him.


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