Is it bad that after I broke up that I feel happy?

Today I broke up with my bf because I didn't want to be with him anymore. Because he's a control freak, does not like the tv shows that i watch and he does not like that I wear make up. Is it bad for me to not to be sad?

Also we are in the same health and physical education class. & we are doing dancing this term. He asked me if I still wanted to dance with him. But then he was also looking at me during hpe (as told by my wonderful friend). I did not look back though because I was listening to the teacher.


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  • not at all girl!!! your free

    • I feel free

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    • okay. At least now I can hang out with my friends.

    • thank you for the MHO. and hun you dont want to be with someone who controls everything you do. your ur own person do what you please xoxo

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  • No, it sounds like you were in a repressive relationship and now you are finally "free" so to speak.

  • Feeling of peace often will over ride the games that people play.

  • That's good actually.. this means you did the right thing

  • Not at all
    It's good that you broke up


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an EX who still Could and May Mark an X in your own softie spot, joshhutchersonlover, many times over, it Isn't quite over because... the Missing the Kissing is a reason of the season For------Suddenly to be sad.
    For now, it is all new to you that you have back your freedom and the thoughts of not being hooked at the hip. I feel it hasn't hit you in your own Sad 'Spot' because you haven't had enough time right now, you still have this Contact in class and you are not giving your heart 'Time' to find out if there is a place that is... missing.
    There is no reason why friendship could not be initiated, unless you both feel That wouldn't work. It seems with your 'Updates' that the mate from the past is still looking and doing some 'Thinking' of his own here, dear.
    Good luck. xx


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